Top 3 apps for your Android Wear

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After the release of android wear it has been promoted in wide range, Now android has been integrated in many platforms. Most of the Android app developers have been added android ware support in their apps. You got the Android Wear and want to have some great apps for it.


Wear Mini Launcher


Wear Mini Launcher is the First launcher app for android this app will display a app drawer with apps that are installed in your Android wear. To use this app install in your smartphone when your phone is connect to android wear then open it up and play.


Wear Aware


It’s the one of the best app for Android Wear this app allows you to find your phone when it is lost or when it is out of sight. This will start vibrate when your phone is near and can even ring the Alarm to spot it right a way.



The most popular app is now finally for android wear, Just create a note by using voice or view your notes. View to-do list or create it and also have the feature to set the alarm.

This are the best apps to install in your android wear.



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