Three Most Effective Strategies to boost AdSense income

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I think, it’s common to all bloggers that blogging makes money online with sources like, ad networks, affiliate sales, sponsered posts, and many others. But, many bloggers’ first choice is Google AdSense.

Many newbies start with AdSense and they make money that will enough to maintain their hosting plan. Here I will post about effective strategies that will help you to boost your AdSense income. This does not mean that I’m expert in Google AdSense. :) :) :) With these strategies, I do experiments and get some good results.

01. Get US/UK/Canada Traffic

You already know this. If your have more US/UK/Canada traffic, then your AdSense income touches the sky.

How to get traffic from these countries?

Here is a simple method. Make a list of some popular blogs in your niche that have enough traffic from these countries. You can check it using Alexa. Follow them, comment and build a better relationship with owners. After few months, send them a polite request to write guest post for them. If you get approved, definitely you will drive good traffic form these countries.

More Traffic = More money

02. Do Smart Keyword Research and Increase organic traffic

Keywords are the most important one for SEO and driving organic search traffic. There are high paying keyword.

Find out some low competitive keywords and some high paying keywords. Write quality posts targeting those low competitive keywords and smartly sparkle the high paying keywords near to your Google Ads.

Low competitive keywords will drive organic traffic to your blog and high paying keywords will boost you AdSense earnings.

03. Launching Smart Giveaways

Begin a guest posting giveaway in your blog. guest authors will write high quality contents and your blog will update frequently. Search engines love it. So you will get high ranking and traffic.

Please share your idea, If there is a problem with these, please show me them. Because I’m not a expert.

Share your AdSense strategies.

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