Nokia Lumia 630 Unboxing

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Microsoft officially launched the Nokia Lumia 630 in Dubai about 2 months back. It took it quite a while but finally Nokia Lumia 630 has landed onto our doorstep. Like always, we wouldn’t like to keep you waiting so let’s start.

Nokia Lumia 630 Unboxing
As you might have noticed, Nokia finally decided to change their packaging. To be honest, we kind of got bored of the old one and love the slim new box. However we are really disappointed by what comes in the box with the Lumia 630. The contents of the Lumia 630 box are:

  • Nokia Lumia 630 device
  • Charger with a fixed cable
  • Reading material

Nokia Lumia 630 Unboxing


That’s it for the Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing but stay tuned as the complete Lumia 630 review is coming soon! You can also visit Engismo for the complete Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing video.

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