Malicious Android app can Get Access to your Phone

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Now a Days Malicious apps are the best source for spammers to get Information but what if the malicious app get access to secure apps in your Smartphone such as Gmail, Chase Bank, Whatsapp and other Secure apps.


Recently a Team of Researchers from university of michigan of California found that Some malware apps can infiltrate other apps in your smartphone which is high from their security levels. This vulnerability allowed researches to get access in to the other apps in that only few apps are secure like Amazon which has 48% of success rate to Penetrate. The Vulnerability is also found in iOS and Windows Platforms.

The Team attempted to hack Six apps and here is the success rates are Newegg ( 85 percent ), Gmail ( 91 Percent), Chase Bank ( 83 percent ), WebMD ( 84 Percent), ( 82 Percent), Amazon ( 48 Percent ).

View how this Malicious apps work Live.




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