How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S3

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You own Samsung Galaxy S3 and want to take screenshot of webpage, pdf file, News, Commentary, Chat or any other capture of your Screen, don’t know how to take screenshot then here is a quick tutorial on How to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S3.


They are two ways to take screenshot in S3.

Palm Gesture Method


This is very cool way to Capture Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S5 for this just swipe the screen with edge of your palm and then you will see swiping animation which is Screenshot. The capture will be saved in the folder named ” Screenshot “.

Using Buttons


In this method first go to screen that you want to capture and now press and hold Power+Home Button and now you will see a flash in screen that’s it your screen will be captured. Go to gallery and then screenshot you can also share them.

First time you cant make it perfect but after few attempts you will be perfect. Screenshots are the best source to capture important mails, webpages, text, etc. This are only stock screenshot methods rather than this they are many other methods to do this by using some third-party apps but its betterĀ preferred to use stock method.



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