How to Keep Track On Android Device

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Worried of missing your android phone and have a Good Experience about it then here is a quick tutorial on How to keep Track on Android Device.


Method 1:


We Don’t need any special app for this what you have to do is go to Android Device Manager Official site now and also make sure that your device data is on now login in to it by using the google account which you are using it in your Android Device after logging in you will get the full data of the android device like Exact Location, Lock your Device, Erase the personal Data and Ring your Android Phone Loudly. This is the inbuilt feature in android and its quite a good way to find your android device.

- Need Network Access.

Method 2:



In this method we are using a app called Plan B which is one of the best alternative for Android Device manager. Install this app directly into your Phone by Using Playstore or directly in to your android device as soon as it is successfully installed in your device then it will send you the exact location of your Android to your Email.

- Need Network Access.

Method 3:




Third method is similar to above which is Android Lost.






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