Double you Adsense add

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This is only for those who have approved Adsense Account.
As you know you can put max to max 3 adsense adds per page on your site, But here i am sharing a way so you can 5 addsense adds.

Dont worry , this is purely legal and provided by google itself.

Try to get account on Google double click exchange , this is additional

What Is The DoubleClick Ad Exchange by Google?

The Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a programmatic real-time bidding system that connects publishers to online advertising agencies, online advertising networks, and third-party technology providers. In simple terms, it allows online advertisers from thousands of advertising networks to bid on each impression on your website individually through Google’s programmatic ad exchange.

Because more online advertisers are bidding on each impression the DoubleClick yield-management platform allows publishers to obtain the best price on every ad impression.

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