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How To Share Media Across WordPress Multisite

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Sharing media across your WordPress multisite has enormous time saving benefits and is simple to set up.


Build Apple-Inspired Full Page Scrolling Pages For Your WordPress Site

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That full page scrolling is becoming increasingly popular is hardly surprising as it taps into our paper-based reading experiences and provides all the visual clues about needing to read to the end before “turning the page”. In this post, I’ll show you how to leverage all the advantages of full page scrolling in your WordPress site by integrating the […]


How To Add Background Videos To Your WordPress Posts

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Add background video to your WordPress posts, grab your visitors’ attention and start telling your story before they even read a word.


Tweet Archived WordPress Posts and Boost Traffic to Your Site

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We have published a helluva lot of posts on the WPMU DEV, more than 4000 in fact. With a daily post schedule, we are constantly coming up with new articles to write about to help you, our dear readers, make the most of WordPress. The only problem is, it can become somewhat disheartening when I’ve spent hours […]


Boost Engagement By Prioritizing Comments On Your WordPress Site

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Take control of your WordPress comments so that they work for you and encourage that engagement that all WordPress authors crave.


Top CDN Services to Make Your WordPress Site Blazingly Fast (and More Reliable)

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If you’re serious about speeding up your site and you’ve optimized the bejesus out of your site (smushed image, minified CSS and Javascript, set up a caching plugin…) it’s time to think about signing up to a content delivery network, or CDN. A CDN will drastically reduce server lag by storing static resources on a […]


Don’t Make Your Mobile Users Think: Support Gestures On Your WordPress Site

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Many WordPress themes don’t include gesture support out-of-the-box but it’s actually surprisingly easy to add to an existing site. Let me show you how to let your mobile visitors navigate your site with taps and swipes.


How To Launch Your WordPress Videos In A Lightbox

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In this Weekend WordPress Project we’ll look at using the WP Video Lightbox plugin to bring all the benefits of Lightbox to your embedded videos.


Offer Your Multisite Users Unique Domains With Domain Mapping

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Domain mapping provides a simple way to point multiple domains to your primary hosting account. For Multisite admins, it’s also useful in that it allows you to map any domain to your network, giving you the option to offer domains to your users. Mapping domains can seem complex and fiddly if you’re unfamiliar with cPanel […]


Slideout Your WordPress Comments Just Like The New York Times

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Bringing New York Times style slideout comments to your WordPress solves plenty of issues and improves user experience. And it’s surprisingly easy.