Turnbull fooling nobody but himself on NBN Co FttP savings

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It wasn’t too long ago that the Coalition was claiming that it would cost AU$3,600 per premises to build an FttP NBN. With NBN Co savings dropping per-premises costs towards AU$1,000, there’s a valid argument that the Strategic Review and cost-benefit …


Two separate security incidents in Singapore suggest more needs to be done

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Both security incidents occurred overnight involving a local mobile operator and entertainment company, putting customer data at risk and questioning the ability of enterprises in the country to adequately protect their clients.


Telcos Sustain Devastating Floods to Provide Uncut Communication

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Ragging monsoon floods — spread across Punjab and Azad Kashmir — caused havoc devastation throughout the upper part of the country. Hundreds of thousands fled their homes as humongous magnitude of waters covered the lands and fields of Punjab and Kashmir. Khawaja Mohammad Asif, the minister for water, power and defence said that as many as 700,000 families were effected by the floods. Civil administration [...]

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