Firms today lack coordinated, ‘context-aware’ security

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Businesses need security tools that are integrated, coordinated, and able to communicate with each other across the network to provide unified “context-aware” protection, says Sophos CTO.


Brocade buys Vistapointe to grow MNO portfolio

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Vistapointe’s software-based, carrier-grade technologies are geared toward mobile operators embracing Network Functions Virtualization architectures.


Comcast, Liberty Global shake hands on international Wi-Fi networks

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Comcast and Liberty Global have reached an agreement to trial shared Wi-Fi services later this year.


If Apple can’t stream an iPhone 6 event, is there really an enterprise story?

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Only a week after a public relations fiasco involving high-profile iCloud account breaches, Cupertino fails to reliably stream their iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event. This begs the question: can Apple be trusted to do anything enterprise-grade at all?


iPhone 6: Four things we need, but may not get

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Maybe the new iPhone 6 will be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that doesn’t mean Apple still doesn’t have a lot of basics that need fixing.


Is a second-factor assist enough to rally web users against passwords?

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I changed jobs to get a front-row seat to see if end-users can lead a culture shift and bring on stronger, more secure authentication


Cisco, Red Hat broaden partnership, eye integrated OpenStack systems

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Cisco and Red Hat are expanding their partnership to focus on OpenStack integrated infrastructure.


Singapore hospital pilots telehealth for heart patients

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Changi General Hospital launches the country’s first tele-heath initiative for heart failure patients, providing them with devices to monitor their health and remotely send the data to healthcare service providers.


Nokia looking to build 5G test network in north Finland

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The company could start trialling early 5G in Oulu from as soon as next year.