31 ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life

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Apple’s latest iPhones pack as much power in as their predecessors, but not even nearly as much as their nearest competitors. By tweaking iOS 8, you can improve your iPhone’s battery life considerably. Here’s how.


Why is iPhone storage suddenly cheaper?

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Apple has been bolstering iPhone profits with overpriced flash storage for years. So why change that with the iPhone 6? Apple’s thinking has changed.


Telefonica expands Brazil presence with €7.2bn GVT acquisition

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The Spanish telecoms giant has beaten its Italian rival to the Brazilian broadband provider.


Apple Pay’s growth curve: The ramp will take time

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Apple Pay could realistically be a huge business for Apple, but adoption will depend on sales of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, consumer willingness to change and retailer IT infrastructure.


Tech giants stage legal battle to keep Secret and Cryptic in Brazil

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The tools for anonymous confessions have been deemed illegal in the country but Google and Microsoft question the concept of anonymity and feasibility to meet Court demands.


Convo wants employees to be more chatty on desktop, mobile

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All Convo Chat sessions are also archivable, searchable and sharable for future reference and retrieving important information.


Firms today lack coordinated, ‘context-aware’ security

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Businesses need security tools that are integrated, coordinated, and able to communicate with each other across the network to provide unified “context-aware” protection, says Sophos CTO.


AT&T rolls out new high-speed U-verse service for businesses

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Once installed, AT&T is promising symmetric and asymmetric speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 300 Mbps.


How much does an iPhone 6 really cost? (Hint: It’s way more than $199)

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To paraphrase Mark Twain: There are lies, damned lies, and smartphone prices. Every review I’ve read of the new iPhone 6 this week says the price starts at $199. That’s not true. The total prices that buyers pay for smartphones on two-year contracts fr…


Amazon releases Fire OS 4: Adds Firefly to tablets, integrates cloud

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Amazon’s latest mobile operating system lands with a few new features, notably Dynamic Light Control, deep cloud integration, and Firefly product matching for tablets.