Apple CEO Tim Cook on secret products, Steve Jobs, IBM deal, Google rivalry, and the ‘screw ups’

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The usually tight-lipped chief executive of Apple opened up to PBS’ Charlie Rose in a two-part interview.


Amazon unveils Drone Store, tells users to ‘Fly responsibly’

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From Wi-Fi based robotic insects to flying companions acting like GoPros, Amazon’s new store has quite the drone variety on offer.


Amazon’s 99 cent Fire Phone: Should Bezos apologize?

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In 2007, Apple screwed early adopters of the iPhone with a quick price cut and Steve Jobs apologized. Amazon took a phone from $199 with two year contract to 99 cents in 46 days. Your move Jeff Bezos.


Amazon drops price of Fire Phone from $199 to $0.99 ahead of iPhone 6 unveiling

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Amazon’s gameplan here is pretty clear. It’s a “get people into the ecosystem as fast as possible—and at any cost” move.


Microsoft takes aim at AWS and VMware with Migration Accelerator

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Want to easily convert to Azure and enable a true hybrid cloud from your existing physical, VMware, and AWS environments? You can with Microsoft’s new Migration Accelerator. And it’s free.


Amazon launches self publishing program for kids books

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Amazon’s KDP Kids is modeled after its self-publishing program where authors can retain royalties of up to 70 percent on sales.