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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – The WhiP #73

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Hello dear reader,

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

WordPress 4.0 Release Candidate 1 is out.

Matt Mullenweg was inundated with questions about pizza when he hosted an impromptu Q&A session on the Advanced WordPress Facebook group page.

WP Tech is breaking up with WordCamp Central due to irreconcilable differences (WordCamp Central was being too possessive and WP Tech was spending too much money).

Developer Chris Wiegman writes about why he sold WP Security to iThemes.

Simply Smashing Darling!

Yet another look at the amazing features in the upcoming release of WordPress 4.0, this time at Smashing Magazine.

Don’t be a copy and paste programmer.

Designer Jason Schuller shares his experiences running theme shop Press75 in an insightful post at Medium.

What’s the most important skill to learn in the WordPress world? (Fill me in if you find out. I didn’t make it through blogger Chris Lema’s 17 minute video)

The Sign of a True Hero is Humility

A nice collection of free and premium slider plugins. How cool are layered sliders?

Build responsive tables for your site with wpDataTables.

Put plugins in their place with Menu Humility.

The folks at Elegant Themes offer a sneak peak at their upcoming social sharing plugin, Monarch.

I Feel the Need… the Need for Speed

beginner’s guide to custom post types.

Publish testimonials for improved conversion rates.

Learn how to make the most of Google PageSpeed Insights at Envato.

And WordPress VIP have released a TechCrunch presentations on non-blocking WordPress.

Allow Me to Break the Ice

Reporter is a new app that surveys you throughout the day to help you understand yourself.

When you’ve got lots of money, how do you spend it? On conquering death, of course.

And if you’ve got a spare $200,000 handy, this lab will swap your blood for antifreeze in the hope you’ll one day wake up in the future.

All the best for a happy and inspiring day!

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